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Aventura is a Bachata music group formed in The Bronx, New York in 1996. The group comprises lead singer and featured composer Anthony Santos, guitarist and producer Lenny Santos, bassist Max Santos, and singer and composer Henry Santos Jeter. Aventura has sold over 1 million albums, and are also known for their hit singles "ObsesiĆ³n", "La Boda", "Ella y Yo", "Un Beso", "Los Infieles", "Mi Corazoncito", "El Perdedor", "Por un Segundo", "All Up 2 You", "Su Veneno", and "Dile al Amor".

About Aventura

Aventura created their own unique style of bachata by infusing the sounds of hip hop, R&B and reggaeton. They use both English and Spanish in their lyrics. Aventura’s relationship with bachata’s original listeners and performers has been complex; even as Aventura’s stardom lowers on the international market, the group has remained almost a footnote among bachata’s traditional listeners and artists. With the exception of “Obsesión,” the plethora of local cover bands in New York have made almost no attempt to learn and perform the group’s songs. Additionally, the members of the group have had acrimonious on-stage conflicts with such traditional icons as Luis Vargas and Frank Reyes. While bachata’s other “breakthrough” group, Monchy y Alexandra, is in good standing with bachata musicians, Aventura, despite having recorded songs with stalwarts like Antony Santos and Leonardo Paniagua, seem to belong to another world. This can be due in part to the band’s fashion statement; from the beginning, they have cultivated a cosmopolitan image, intentionally distancing themselves from the rural, humble, and nationalistic image of the traditional music. While their own young audience has identified strongly with this, many longtime bachata listeners criticize the band’s style as extravagant, denying furthermore that its music is really bachata. Another factor isolating the group has been the failure of any other group emulating Aventura’s sound to achieve and maintain commercial success.

On October 13, 2009, The group sang their hit "Su Veneno" as part of the Hispanic Heritage month celebration at the White House hosted by President Barack Obama, next to artist like Singers Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, Comedian George Lopez, Gloria Estefan and many others. The group refers to this event as "The highest step in their careers".

On November 18, 2009 they released their next single "Dile al Amor".