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Muse are a British alternative rock group from Devon, England. Since their inception, the band has comprised Matthew Bellamy ( vocals, guitar, piano ), Christopher Wolstenholme ( bass, backing vocals ), and Dominic Howard ( drums ). Muse are renowned for their energetic and indulgent live performances and their fusion of many music genres, including progressive rock, classical music and electronica. Muse have released five albums - showbiz ( 1999 ) ; Origin of Symmetry ( 2001 ) ; absolution ( 2003 ) ; Black Holes and Revelations ( 2006 ), which earned the band a Mercury Prize designation and a third place finish in the NME Albums of the Year list for 2006 ; and The Resistance ( 2009 ). Muse have won lots of other music awards through their career, including five MTV Europe Music Awards, five Q Awards, six NME Awards, 2 BRIT awards and 4 Kerrang! Awards. The majority of these awards have been attributed to their live performances.

About Muse

Muse band's 5th studio album The Resistance was released on eleven Sep 2009 in Italy, Germany, Australia and the Benelux ; 14 Sep 2009 in the United Kingdom ; and fifteen September 2009 in the U.S. And Canada. It is the first Muse album to have been produced by the band itself. The album was mixed by Mark Stent. On its release, it topped the album charts in nineteen countries and reached number three on the North American album chart. Critics were often positive about the album, with much of the praise directed at its ambition, classical music influences and the thirteen-minute, three-part'Exogenesis : Symphony'. It also beat its precursor, Black Holes and Revelations, in relative album sales in its debut week in the UK with roughly 148,000 copies sold. The 1st single'Uprising' was released 7 days earlier.

The tune 'United States of Eurasia' was unlocked after a global treasure hunt, 'Project Eurasia', composed from USB keys with song info hidden in 7 major towns : Paris, Berlin, Moscow, Dubai, hong kong, Tokyo, and Long Island. Each of the first six USB flash drives contained 1/6 of the tune, which was uploaded to the Muse internet site once it was discovered. After the data from the NY flash drive was uploaded, the tune was made available as a free download.

Zane Lowe played approximately 36 seconds of'Uprising' on twenty-eight July 2009, ahead of its first full airplay on 3 August 2009 at 7:30 pm [BST]. This was the only clip made available to Radio 1 at the time. On 3 and 4 Aug, several radio stations aired'Uprising'. Muse also stated that the second single from the new album would be'Undisclosed Desires' and they were in the midst of filming the filmclip on twenty October.

Muse band's current tour started at Hartwall Arena, Finland on 22 October and will include gigs at Coachella festival and 2 gigs at Wembley Stadium on ten September 2010. The band also supported U2 for their U2 360 Tour. In the'Breakfast with Muse Concert' KROQ held, Muse was asked how long they'd be on tour. They commented exclaiming in a paraphrase,'We will generally be touring till the end of next year. We will be doing this U2 and western european tour and ship off to Australia and asia and return for an extensive US tour. It will really be our longest US tour to date. Beginning at about the end of February or March.'