Conan O'Brien is an American television host and comedian. He served as host of Late Night with Conan O'Brien from 1993 to 2009, followed by the short-lived The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien from 2009 to 2010. Prior to his hosting career, O'Brien was a writer for Saturday Night Live and the animated series The Simpsons. On Late Night, O'Brien became known for his more active and spontaneous hosting style. He started off every show by saying, "We have a great show for you tonight" and ended nearly every show with a quick, quirky "Bye, everybody, bye!" His stage habits included, but were not limited to, mime, self-deprecation, dramatic expressions, various impressions, use of awkward pauses or responses, moving his hair and scalp back and forth and constantly buttoning up and unbuttoning his suit jacket. He frequently made fun of and interacted with the audience. He commonly made light of his own appearance including his hairstyle, his pale skin, his clumsiness and his height. He continued many of these themes into his position as host of The Tonight Show. One of O'Brien's trademarks is to perform the "string dance". He also does intentionally poor and exaggerated impressions of celebrities which are often reduced to a specific characteristic, phrase or gesture that represents that person; among the most common are Larry King, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jay Leno, Sarah Palin, and Donald Trump. Tickets for upcoming Conan O'Brien shows available below.

About Conan O’Brien

On February 8, 2010, it was reported that O’Brien was attempting to sell his Central Park West penthouse in New York, with an asking price of $35 million. He purchased the apartment in 2007 for $10 million. Two years earlier, O’Brien purchased a home in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles for over $10.5 million. Some industry insiders have speculated that O’Brien has chosen to stay on the west coast in order to facilitate a return to late night television. Among the stations to have expressed interest in O’Brien are Fox, FX (part of the FOX family), USA (part of the NBC family), TNT, TBS, Comedy Central, HBO and Showtime.

On February 24, 2010, O’Brien attracted media attention for starting a Twitter account. His “tweets”, although primarily jokes, amounted to his first public statements since leaving The Tonight Show one month earlier. After about one hour, O’Brien’s number of subscribers had rocketed past the 30,000 following the official Jay Leno account. After 24 hours, O’Brien had well over 300,000 followers, the current follower count doubling since then.

On March 11, 2010, O’Brien announced via his Twitter account that he would embark on a 30-city live tour beginning April 12, entitled “The Legally Prohibited From Being Funny On Television Tour”. Co-host Andy Richter, along with members of the former Tonight Show Band, will join O’Brien on the tour. Max Weinberg, however, will not be able to join. $695 VIP tickets offer the opportunity to meet O’Brien in person. On the same day, — an apparently official website — was launched.

On March 18, 2010, TMZ reported that Fox had recently been “applying pressure” on affiliates to accept an O’Brien late night show between 11pm and 12am. The publication quoted several affiliate executives as saying that a deal with the host was “imminent”.